Thank you for choosing John Stacy
Our job is only half done....Stay Tuned to this Website

John Stacy

On May 24, you chose Truth, Transparency, and a Strategic Plan for the FUTURE of our county and in fact all of Texas.

Our job has just begun and our next challenge is against the Democrats and their massive voter mobilization efforts to turn Rockwall County and in fact all of Texas BLUE!

We cannot let that happen!  Stay tuned to this website for updates on how we guarantee our FUTURE together.

And Thanks Again for your support.

Meet John Stacy

John Stacy is a 6th Generation Texan, 7th by some counts, as his family founded Texas with Stephen F. Austin in 1825 (John Foster). John has been married for over 19 years to his beautiful wife, Amie Stacy. They have three children; Jude, who attends Princeton University, Gabriel, a Senior at Royse City High School, and Luke, who is in 7th grade at Bobby Summers Middle School.

John has attended Ridgeview Church since October of 2009, and he is the proud Scoutmaster for Troop 163 in Fate, Texas. John Stacy served on the City Council in Fate, Texas, and never voted for a tax increase. He graduated from TCU with a B.S. in Chemistry. John is a successful owner of an insurance agency in his hometown of Fate, Texas.

Let’s finish the job!

Thanks to the voters of Precinct 4, John Stacy will be facing Democrat Ericka Ledferd on November 8, 2022,  If past is prologue, the Democrats will go into overdrive to make this a competitive race.  That’s why I say the job is only half done.

I now heed your support again to make certain our exponential growth is matched strategically to the building of roads where needed, maintaining low taxes, and ensuring common sense experienced leadership as we head into a great future together.

We will not let Democrats derail our momentum!

Get Involved for a brighter future

What did your vote for John Stacy achieve:

Truth and Transparency.

Full-Time commitment

Long-term strategic planning

Accessibility for the residents Precinct 4.  (you will always know where to find John).

Weekly video updates where your feedback is always appreciated.

Dedicated to keeping taxes low

Keeping the Republican party in charge of Texas’s growth and prosperity.

Campaign Principles
John’s Proven Leadership will point us in the right direction for the future of Rockwall County.

Long Term Growth

Long term growth requires experienced strategic planning with the community being involved every step of the way.

Roads & Infrastructure

Roads and infrastructure must be improved in Rockwall County. This can only be done with a strategic plan.

Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement in the county is imperative. Collectively we need to be focused to better advertise and include citizen input into the county government.

Your County Commissioner Candidates meet with Bunker Bob

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Even if you've never volunteered before, it's up for those who vote to take on one additional responsibility.
The goal is to keep Rockwall County and all of Texas RED so individuals such as myself get the support we need to make organized, responsible and meaningful changes to both address and thrive even as we grow exponentially.

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