I just wanted to reaffirm that John Stacy has my full endorsement to be the Rockwall County Commissioner in Precinct 4.  The facts are that over 63% of all the voters who participated in the Primary Election voted for a transparent full-time commissioner who will work hard for the $96,000 salary we taxpayers are shelling out.  More important is that John Stacy would never have supported the tax increase or voted himself a raise that didn’t even get approved by the sponsor, David Sweet, who appointed her.  Janet has not told the truth about her voting record or her commitment to the responsibilities of the position.  I will be voting for John Stacy in this runoff and you should too.

Randy Puckett

I support and endorse John Stacy for County Commissioner because I firmly believe that this is a full time position that should not be treated as an add on or afterthought by the person holding the office.  John is fully committed to making his position as commissioner his first obligation after faith and family.  I invite you to join me in doing everything we can to help him be elected.

Lee Gilbert- Precinct 2 Commissioner


When I am looking at candidates to vote for in local elections, I want to find ones that care about the issues and care about the people electing them.  This is why I am endorsing John Stacy for Rockwall County Commissioner Precinct 4, because I have known him for a long time and know him to actually care for the citizens of this precinct and the issues that are important to us.

Nikki Robinson – Former Fate City Council

I have been fortunate enough to serve with John Stacy on both Planning and Zoning and City Council.  He has a true servant’s heart that is needed in today’s political climate.  That is why I am endorsing John Stacy for Rockwall County Commissioner Precinct 4.

Kerry Wiemokly – Former Fate City Council, Currently Planning and Zoning

After serving with John Stacy on Planning and Zoning, I have been impressed with how he understands local issues from a high level, and also digs deep into these issues down to the last detail.  As Chairman of this committee, he always made sure that everyone’s voice was heard and considered before making any decision.  Local politics need local leaders who will listen and truly understand the details and effects of the decisions they make, which is why I am endorsing John Stacy for Precinct 4 Commissioner.

Scott Kelley – Chairman of Planning and Zoning

Values are important to me as I serve on Fate City Council, and I know they are important to John Stacy, which is why I am endorsing him for Precinct 4 Commissioner.  John has the experience and determination needed to step into this role and serve the people of Precinct 4.

Chris Ash – Fate City Council


I endorse John Stacy for Precinct 4 Commissioner because he has shown that he not only holds principled conservative values but also is able to put them into action.  I know John has the knowledge and skills to jump right in and make a difference in our community.

John Brandt – Fate City Council


Serving as County Judge I know what the job of Commissioner entails.  John Stacy has my full endorsement because he is looking to the future of Rockwall County while it grows.  This job has full time responsibilities that are currently being ignored, and John will step in and manage the day to day operations, work for road improvements, and help steer Rockwall County into the future.  Additionally, John will be beholden to the voters of Rockwall, not to a judge that appointed him and who he might feel pressured to vote with on every issue.  If you are in Precinct 4 please vote for John Stacy on March 1st to get a full time, fully committed commissioner that we desperately need.

Jerry Hogan-County Judge