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On May 24, you chose Truth, Transparency, and a Strategic Plan for the FUTURE of our county and in fact all of Texas.

Our job has just begun and our next challenge is against the Democrats and their massive voter mobilization efforts to turn Rockwall County and in fact all of Texas BLUE!

We cannot let that happen!  Stay tuned to this website for updates on how we guarantee our FUTURE together.

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Meet John Stacy

John Stacy is a 6th Generation Texan, 7th by some counts, as his family founded Texas with Stephen F. Austin in 1825 (John Foster). John has been married for over 19 years to his beautiful wife, Amie Stacy. They have three children; Jude, who attends Princeton University, Gabriel, a Senior at Royse City High School, and Luke, who is in 7th grade at Bobby Summers Middle School.

John has attended Ridgeview Church since October of 2009, and he is the proud Scoutmaster for Troop 163 in Fate, Texas. John Stacy served on the City Council in Fate, Texas, and never voted for a tax increase. He graduated from TCU with a B.S. in Chemistry. John is a successful owner of an insurance agency in his hometown of Fate, Texas.

Why John Stacy

In April of this year citizens across Rockwall County received their home appraisals from the county.  Our property values are astronomically increasing, which is both good and bad.  We need to elect representatives that are committed to lower the property tax to offset these increases in value.  There is enough new growth to allow the county to expand services without over burdening existing properties.  Our current commissioner not only voted for a pay raise within 8 months of being elected, but voted for a tax rate that was massive increase to home owners and businesses alike.  John Stacy is committed to keeping taxes down and working within the budget to meet the demands of the future of Rockwall County. 

The recent bond issue is another example of poor planning. “The recently passed bond package has no priority list of projects,” Stacy reports. “But since the community has voted for the $150 million bond, we will need someone on the Commission who will exercise the proper oversight in order to make sure that the road and transportation needs of Precinct 4 will be met. And If I’m elected, that person will be me.”

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Most importantly, Stacy believes the adage that “90 percent of success in life is just showing up.” Because Rockwall County has grown so much over the last few years, the office of Commissioner needs a full-time occupant – someone who is available to the people all the time, and not just when it’s convenient for the Commissioner.
Finally, Stacy strongly asserts that the Precinct 4 Commissioner needs to be elected, and not appointed, which is the case with the current incumbent, who is often more beholden to the Judge and the Court than to the citizens of Rockwall County.

Honesty, transparency, accountability, and simply showing up to do the job. These are the reasons to vote for John Stacy for Rockwall County Commissioner, Precinct 4.

Campaign Principles
John’s Proven Leadership will point us in the right direction for the future of Rockwall County.

Long Term Growth

The last two major expenditures from the county have yet to address long-term growth, including a jail with no juvenile holding cells and a county courthouse that does not house the entire county government.

Roads & Infrastructure

Roads and infrastructure must be improved in Rockwall County. This can only be done with a strategic plan.

Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement in the county is imperative. Collectively we need to be focused to better advertise and include citizen input into the county government.

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